Personal Impact Statement – Covid 19
Ben Cairns 1602812

I feel that Covid 19 has impacted my practice in three key ways:
work commitments
lack of travel opportunities
lack of access to facilities.

As a Team Manager at NHS24, I have found my hours increase as well as the workload involved. Prior to Covid 19 and the March Lockdown, I had been working part time hours, which I had reduced to a manageable number to balance with my course commitments, and down time.
However, with the increased pressure or strain upon the organisation, I found as a result my hours were increased to help. I have moved to working full time training new staff members to meet the demands of the service, as well as continuing with my regular role.
This has resulted in less time to dedicate to my coursework, especially with the increased difficulties of living in a pandemic requiring a bigger emphasis on maintain my wellbeing and time to wind down or relax after work.
Although it was my expectation that as we exited lockdown that I would find this impact would reduce, with the local lockdown, as well as some temporary staff leaving, there hasn’t been much change to this impact so far.

The second key impact I felt was due to a lack of ability to travel, this is in part due to my increased hours at work, but also through lockdown restrictions, I have been unable to visit the locations I had planned to continue adding to the project. I have a selection of photographic negatives that I feel are incomplete for the project, and as my understanding and ideas evolve the focus that I wish to convey through the work changes, requiring further negatives.
In normal circumstances, if I was struggling to get to a location to add to the project, I would look at other places, or failing that, focus on producing prints from the negatives that I have. Unfortunately, due to the lack of access to facilities, I am limited in my ability to produce prints at the flat. I do have some darkroom equipment, but I lack the required space to safely and efficiently produce prints.
I feel all three of these factors have severely impacted my current practice, and I felt seeking a deferral or extension to my course was for me the best option I had.
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