The final day of shooting for this week, was just a morning prior to heading home. I got up prior to sunrise to try and make the most of the best light, and I was really glad I did! it was a very still day, with a mist rolling through the landscape.
I opted to go to the path towards Girnoc, that I had visited on Tuesday, this was due the torrential rain having limited the type of imagery I had taken, and also due to the proximity to the house, and the relative ease of the walk, meant that I could get a chance to shoot multiple negatives, and still make my lift back to Aberdeen.

f22, 1 second, Fomapan 100, 180mm lens

The mist was thick through the glen, effectively obscuring Creag nam Ban, which made a pleasing back drop for the tree. The tree itself (as seen in the subsequent image) peaked over the summit of Creag nam Ban, which was unfortunate, as I feel compositionally it would have been preferable to have kept it contained within the body of the mountain, but due to the location I was standing there was no alternative to be able to frame it in this way, I would have needed elevation, which then would have altered the relationship to the set of trees. Thankfully due to the mist this isn't an issue in this negative. 
I feel that the contrast between the trees, heather and grass against the soft mist and obscured ridge give a visually arresting image that evokes the feelings of wild-ness for myself as a viewer. There is also a strong link with my experience on the dark, with a subdued light, and elements of the landscape reaching out of the mist.
I have left the marks on the film in the image, although digitally it would be easy to remove, I feel that this adds a hint of the process into the print, that otherwise would be absent, suggesting some of the slowness of the analogue approach that can add to my overall reading of the image.  

f22, 1/2 second, Fomapan 100, 180mm lens

If there is one image that I felt captured best the current focus of the project, I feel that this may be it. The idea of the path as a mediator or facilitator between myself and experiencing the 'wild' landscape.
I feel it would be interesting to capture this seen in different weather conditions to see if this experience and my reading of the landscape within image changes with the different weather. In the Public Perception of Wildness study, weather is intentionally removed as a factor to deciding if an area is wild, will all images been taken on days that show a similar look, of flat lighting with little sun, but no snow, rain or signs of high winds.  Yet as my week had shown that my experience on each trip is intrinsically linked with the weather on the day in question.
I will also look to take this into the darkroom, which had been my original intention, with the digital editing only being to facilitate experimentation with the display technique for the exposition.

f22, 1 second, Fomapan 100, 180mm lens

f280, 337 seconds, pinhole lens

I opted for one last pinhole image to see how it would compare to the other images on the day, to better give an indication moving forward, and much like my earlier assessment, I am still going to move away from this option as I feel that the lacks sharpness, whilst a quality I had previously embraced, is not necessarily suited for this point in the project. I may need to sample pinhole with the Obscura, to compare it directly to a lens image, with the confidence that the focal length is optimised to get the best image.
I had been planning to explore the option of leaving pinhole cameras in the area over a longer period of time, by making drinks can cameras to capture scenes over a few weeks or months, I will have to contemplate this option further.

f22, 1 second, Fomapan 100, Fujinon 180mm Lens

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