With the end of year show being delayed, I have a bit more time to decide upon the format, although this may also mean I will lose access to the darkroom at uni, to produce the prints for the show.
Due to Covid-19 I will have to move away from the style I had been exploring in the last live exposition, Dec 2019, as it was focused upon tactile response, which is potentially something that viewers will be very apprehensive of, due to learned habits and concern over transmission of Covid via surfaces.  
With this in mind, and my wish to further expand into Bromoil, I will look at ways of displaying a series of images displayed together, in a typology. I have explored similar in the past with my pinhole images of Strathlevan Bay, as well as some prints for the undergraduate, both in a 3x3 grid. 
Although these have been mounted in the past, I do like the ideas generated from displaying the Dec 2019 prints loose on a light box. Moving away from the wall and placing upon a table or plinth could be something I look to explore further to break out of the white cube style of photographic display. 
I believe these are the work of Natsumi Sakamoto, in her project A Rowan Wards of Witches, that were displayed in the Business School at RGU. There was something fascinating about the roughness to the paper, yet the precision of the placement, which were at odds with each other. This could be achievable with darkroom prints, perhaps suited best to a format in which you have the choice over the paper types used, yet even with bromoil it could be achievable, with some roughing of the edges. 
These are from WorM at Castlegate, and show an alternative display method, which may be suitable, dependant on the space allowed, perhaps best in the likes of the LookAgain space or similar as a window display. 
These are from our trip to Dundee, from the exhibition at Dundee Contemporary Arts, there is a similarity to the work of Penelope Umbrico, with here Suns from Sunsets from Flickr 
Both these examples would suit colour imagery better, however the prints ordered on the wall, with little to no statements could be something I look to, if I am keen on removing the ability to attempt to subvert the viewers opinion.
My ambition is to create a series of intimate bromoil prints to be displayed loosely in a grid format. I will need to decide on the exact number and which negatives to use, once I know the size of the space available. My plan is to look to small prints either contact size (5x4") or enlarging to 6x6" if I choose to use square negatives. I will look to explore some textured fibre based darkroom paper, although this will be dependant on the finish, as the previous bromoils I created, have always been on a smooth paper, namely Ilford Multigrade IV matt fibre.  
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