Holly Knox Yeoman - Contemporary Curatorial Practice 

A contemporary curatorial practice exploring themes such as retaliation, seizing reparations, visibility, solidarity, autonomy and good times. 
Producing memorable and meaningful experiences between the audience and artists. 
Art, philosophy and curatorial practice in Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. 
Summerhall – Art Gallery in Edinburgh – Restrictions in exhibiting, which present challenges, and having to decide to try to make something within the space. 
Artist Placement Group.  
Ross Fraser McLean – Photographer – Exhibition of Death - Mexico 
Leith Sunset Strip Carrot Dangle - Raising important questions and bringing a lot of people together, balanced out by the concerns regarding ethics, and ‘poverty safari’ concerns.  Unusual context does raise difficulties with getting understanding of those involved. 
Mark Fell Exhibition in the Machine Shop, Summerhall. 
XSexCentenary - Glasgow International. 
LifeSpace - Science Art Research Gallery is located in the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. 

Personal Reflection 
I found that this was a useful way to be introduced to Holly, and have an understanding of the type of work she had been involved in. I found that the links to Ross Fraser McLean’s work was useful too, in terms of examples of how photography can be used out with just traditional methods of display, and ways of working. This could be something to further investigate, not necessarily in his work, but by branching out my displays to include alternative methods and concepts.  
Other than that thread however, I felt it was more of an overview, than a concentrated look at a concept that would fit in with my work. 
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