Due to the Covid 19 pandemic I had to defer my studies, as my work as a Team Manager NHS24 moved from part time, to balance my studies, work and other commitments, to full time to enable training of temporary staff to meet the demands on the service that Covid entailed. 
This move to full time limited my involvement within the MA course from March 2020-Feb 2021. During this time there was a virtual end of year show, which would have been my final exhibition before the break, but instead became an opportunity for a virtual exposition of some of the work I had produced prior to my deferment.
The criteria for submission was for 3 images, with a limit of 2mb per image, alongside a statement of how the images were to be displayed and a brief interpretation board.
I opted to utilise 3 of my photographs from the Hasselblad test shoots I had undertaken as they were the most recent images I had produced, that were most suitable for digital display. As I was moving away from digital output I found the method of the exposition to be limiting in my options for exploration, as in a physical show I would have ideally looked to work with print texture and methods for exploring further layers that I had looked to investigate during the MA Show from the previous year. However, there was part of me that was relieved by the methods adopted as I still was busy with work, and felt I had little opportunity, space and equipment to realise some of my ambitions within this field. 
I opted for an intimate tryptic of three small prints that would bring the viewer closer (in the 3d space) to show a sense of nature prevailing despite the weather.  As this had been a follow on from some of the earlier ideas I had  explored when looking to juxtaposing the dilapidated buildings and the pine saplings. 
With these three prints I hoped to have the sizes at 6x6" and quite close together, unfortunately the prints were massively scaled up when it came to the digital degree show, which reversed the intimate aspect I was looking to explore. 
I had hoped to observe the viewing practices within the virtual space, as boxes were present that signified viewers, and tracked movement, but due to the change to the scale, the viewer was able to observe from a distance so the one area I was interested to explore as a result of the platform was negated. 
Unfortunately I did not get any screenshots of the space, and the show has subsequently been taken down, so I only have the images I submitted as opposed to any of the space itself. 
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